Create an Intune Policy





10 min

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  • Save an Intune policy locally as a .JSON file
  • Change/edit .JSON file configuration settings in your local copy

Create an Intune Policy

Published: August 13, 2020

Required: in order to create an Intune policy with PortalFuse, you need an Intune policy in a valid JSON formatted file.

If you don’t have a policy in JSON format, you can download an existing policy from your Intune tenant.

Step 1

Log into the PortalFuse dashboard. First, open the app

Click the “Quick Action” menu and choose “Create new Policy” from the drop-down list.

Step 2

Upload a valid, JSON formatted file and provide a name and description for the policy.

We STRONGLY encourage technicians to use a naming convention for their policies which makes it easier to work with large numbers of policies. Download our Intune policy naming conventions blueprint.

Select a group from the drop-down list (optional).

Step 3

When you have completed filling out the fields, select the “Create” button.

The policy will be uploaded and registered on your Intune tenant.



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